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Pop-Up Street Art Is Lighting Up The Graffiti Movement In Hong Kong

There's no question that Hong Kong is a destination for art lovers. From internationally renowned museums to the obscure independent galleries along Hollywood Road, there's a space dedicated to just about every genre and medium of visual art. But there’s also a fascinating street art scene that’s been simmering under the radar, once cloaked artists have emerged from the shadows to transform the city from the outside in; transforming neighbourhoods and industrial spaces in the form of colorful murals and art installations.

We meet with key Hong Kong street art figure, architect, designer and curator, Jason Dembski of HKwalls to discuss his latest project on Yat Fu Lane which is currently being filled up by 6 selected local artists, each artist expressing their interpretation of what Hong Kong means to them in a visually immersive form.

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Location - Yat Fu Lane

Subject - Jason Dembski -  HkWalls 


Wong Ting Fung

Bao Ho


Onion Peterman

Sinic Choy

Wong Ting Fung 


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