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A.C.F Army - Meet The Magician

Lawrence Sullivan is not your average magician, not by any stretch of the imagination!

A habitual night owl, this guy fills his days with a insane amount of activities, projects, gigs, hobbies and meetings. If he’s not in the Legends Playing Co. head office designing a new limited edition deck of playing cards, you can either find him on his rooftop perfecting a new illusional magic trick, or, out on some hard - to - reach corner of Hong Kong flying his drones (which he has built himself)! We met up with this inspiring character to find out more about him (and hopefully learn a thing or two about the tricks behind his trade). Read our interview below... A.C.F - Most magicians became enamoured with the magic at a young age. Can you describe your first encounter with illusion and how it managed to grab a hold of you? Lawrence - I saw David Copperfield on TV with his long 90's hair and leather jacket enamouring me as a teenager, but it wasn't the big tricks he did on stage (like making people disappear) that impressed me, it was the small, or "close-up" magic like making two rubber bands unlink in front of your eyes, that was fascinating to me. A family friend growing up showed me a very good card trick at dinner, he said he wouldn't tell me the secret, but he would show me as many times as it took to figure it out. So I reverse engineered the modus operandi and still perform the trick to this day!

A.C.F - What is your current favourite magic trick?

Lawrence - I like magic with more of a mind-reading element, using real psychology. The unpredictability of the tricks fascinate me and keep's me on my toes. A.C.F - Are women impressed by professional magicians? Has being one helped you get dates? Lawrence - Everyone thinks this, but unfortunately it just isn't true. It's a great ice breaker, but beyond that it doesn't help much for getting dates. The key to any good relationship or friendship is communication, so it's best to put away the cards and listen to what she has to say. A.C.F - Do you think you would have started Legends Playing Co if you weren’t so ‘into’ magic? And what was the catalyst that took you from having an interesting idea to acting on it? Lawrence - My attention to detail and curious nature really helped in the infancy stages of setting up Legends.  My knowledge of playing cards was also higher than the average person because I had handled cards nearly every day since the age of 16. I noticed a quality lapse in the market and wanted to print and produce playing cards that were better in every way, specifically for people who appreciate quality like magicians, collectors, and 5-star hotels.

Your desert island choices for:

Music: A symphony of some sort! Probably Mozart. Book: Infinite Jest, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the author while I was in College. I hear the book is now a modern classic, I just haven't dared to pick it up yet. Food: Crepes Anyone in history for conversation? - Tesla Anyone in history for romance? - Amelia Earhart Podcast? - How Stuff Works

A.C.F - Other than magic, what do you do for fun?

Lawrence - Drones, 3-d printing, Building things. A.C.F - You’ve been an ACF customer since the very beginning, what first drew you to the brand? Lawrence - I love the colors, shapes and materials.

A.C.F - Talk us through your A.C.F style? What do you style your pieces with? Where do you wear them? Why choose A.C.F?

Lawrence - I like the green Atwood Tackpants, they are great for the winter and feel soft on the skin. I pair it with my green 1st edition Legends deck! A.C.F - When you are shopping with a brand, is it important to you that these companies are ethically or eco responsible? Lawrence - If there was a global rating system that was clear, I think this would be a great indicator for consumers to purchase ethically. It is just so hard to know every step of a product chain. I hope technology in the future will enable corporations to be more accountable.


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