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Art series A.C.F Army: Interview with Ophelia Jacarini

“Un tableau ne vit que par celui qui le regarde.” Translated directly into English means, “A picture lives only by the one who looks at it.”

This beautiful and reflective phrase encompasses all that our first artist and second installation of our ‘Art Series’ editorial muse; Ophelia Jacarini, lives and works by. Ophelia’s beautiful pieces focus on three main themes throughout each collection, the body, the mind and the spirit. Often intensely personal, her works revealing intimate details of her soul and thoughts in exciting bursts of colors, shapes and mixed media. Habitually using a wide array of mediums including photography, painting, drawing, embroidery and sculpture to convey her vision. With her background in fashion - a keen interest to us, we couldn’t wait to sit down with this exciting young artist for our 'Art Series' to hear about her background, her journey and her bright future. So, scroll on up to watch the vid to get a little culture into your day!

SHOP HER LOOK - Ophelia wears: Ainsworth Blouse & Alba Culottes

Huge thank you to Ophelia Jacarini for your precious time & Campfire Collaborative Spaces for generously loaning your photography studio to us for the day! Film by: Gregory, Digital Manager at A.C.F Art Direction: Al Foster, Founder of A.C.F

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