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8 Things You Can Do This Earth Hour

Earth Hour 2019 is almost here! A.C.F loves getting behind any movement promoting and educating people about protecting the environment.

Earth Hour started in Sydney, Australia in 2007 and is now the world’s largest movement for the environment. This years Earth Hour theme is ‘Change the Way We Live’ with the goal to educate and inspire people to make small changes in their lifestyle to protect the environment.  

Organised by the World Wide Fund for Nature, millions of individuals, groups, schools and businesses switch off the lights and non-essentials for an hour to raise awareness on climate change.

Since it is a global movement, you can get involved regardless of where you live on March 30 at 8:30. So what can you do during earth hour? Here are some nifty ideas to keep you entertained and support the event. We also want to say THANK YOU to all who participate this Earth Hour, so make sure to snap and post a photo or story on instagram of you taking part in Earth Hour, tag @acfclothing and you will be gifted a US$25 voucher to start or continue your sustainable wardrobe.

Keep it simple!

First things first - Turn off the lights in your home or workplace and speak up about why nature matters.

What can you do in the hour with no power?

Dinner by candle light

Nothing is more romantic than a candlelit dinner; perfect for a cute date night or something you can enjoy with friends.

Get Outside!

Why not enjoy nature for Earth Hour? Leave the Netflix behind and go out and enjoy the world we live in. See if your local area has any night hikes or find a good stargazing spot.

Games Night

I know you're asking yourself "how did people have fun before the internet?" Getting a group together and bringing out different board games or card games! If you are by yourself try your hand at solitaire. Finding entertaining alternatives from your regular Saturday night routine could be just what you need.

Go through your wardrobe

We all have clothes shoved towards the back of closet that we no longer wear. Go through your wardrobe and find pieces to see how you can restyle or up-cycle to rekindle your love for these items.

Freddy Trouser

Write a letter

When did you last receive a letter? Make your friends and families day by having them receive something heartfelt.

Write a radio play

Throw back to the 1940’s radio plays are super cheesy and a lot of fun. Pick a topic, build a plot, characters and create something amusing. You could use an environmental theme to run with Earth Hour or something spontaneous!


Want to go a little bigger?

Host an Earth Hour event

Bring your community together, put together a gig, or host a party. As long as you are reflecting on the environment and assessing how you can ‘change the way you live’ for better, you are on the right track

Find an Earth Hour event

If you want to RSVP to any events you can search what events are happening in your local area for earth hour here.  

Now if you can't 100% participate for any reason simply consider making some small changes in your life. Unplug your on-standby devices, ensure you turn off the lights before leaving home, avoid single use items and buy sustainable products. Most of importantly is sharing the message, promote the protection of the environment and consider ‘changing the way you live’ for better.

We would love to know what you are doing this earth hour so please share, and tag @acfclothing on instagram or on facebook and tell us about your earth hour adventures.

Spread the word and enjoy!