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Fashion - What We Wore: Ostentatious Office Outfits

blouse cap Fashion outfits pants shirt skirt tops

I'm about to share a big fat industry secret...

Fashion is NOT glamorous.

There, I said it. Most days I rock up to work barely fashioning a loin cloth & umbrella ensemble - due to the fact that Hong Kong has decided to smite us as unworthy of lovely summer weather and unleashed weather straight from the burning gates of hell. Imagine: 30+ degrees, 100+ humidity and if that's not enough, throw in a typhoon every few days which turns your morning commute into a sink or swim situation. This is actual footage of me on my way to work last week...

via GIPHY On some days, however, we get to step out of the office and in the name of repping A.C.F fashion we take a little more time and effort into our wardrobes. So in light of this, and milking air time on fashion 'looks' we actually want shared, here is the A.C.F team and the "what we wore's" from our latest shoot. Do yourself a favor and let us take you on a spin, then contribute your thoughts in the comments!

Lucy - Brand & Marketing Manager

Lucy wears; Alba pant, Ainsworth blouse and Aveline cap. Probably stemming from being the most amazingly thrifty person I know, this outfit literally is minimum input for maximum output - and I mean that in the BEST possible way. She looks so damn cute, it's almost rude. This fashion combo makes even the laziest dresser look sharp, with its elastic waste and snap buttons. [gallery columns="4" ids="3265,3266,3267,3268"]

Gregory - Digital & Sales Manager

Greg wears: Alloway shirt (green), Alpha pant, Allenbury raincoat, Ayres cap. So we got to the afternoon before the shoot and after having our model pull out, I said to Gregory that if we didn't find another male model, we would be using him for the day. He thought I was joking...I wasn't! Luckily for us, he looks amazing in A.C.F and just like my little brother before he hit is "angry teen stage", Gregory lets me dress him up in anything I want. This makes for a very happy boss ? [gallery columns="4" ids="3269,3126,2677,2404"]

Vera - PR Freelancer

Vera wears: Abbey blouse (red), Adderley pant, Alfreda Skirt (denim), Apostle shirt (denim), Ally puffer jacket (yellow, reversible), Avening scarf, Aveline cap, Alloway shirt (green) Another to fall victim to our shortage of professional models, Vera is as cute as a button and a looks just about as good as it gets in our fashion get-ups. A feast for the eyes - except if you're color blind, our resident PR queen rocked her pink & red combo like The Stones rock the Stage (at 70+ respectively). [gallery columns="4" ids="2393,3136,3124,3123"]

Al - Founder & CEO

Al wears: Alfreda Skirt (denim), Apostle shirt (denim), Albion turtleneck knit. Actually, I've never been good at writing in the third person, it feels...narcissistic in all the wrong ways. So I'm just going to frolic around the page and tell you how fresh I felt in my modern Canadian Tuxedo. How could I not? Since I'm only 5'2" (and a little soft around the edges) I do have to be careful when I wear oversized midi-length clothes. To combat this fashion faux pas, I simply tied a long sleeve around my waist to give it some definition, rolled up my sleeve cuffs and was ready to go. I hope you like my lewk! [gallery columns="4" ids="3273,3272,3271,3270"]

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