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A Guide to Starting Your Minimalist Journey

Do you have the tendency to overrun your personal space with items you believe important? But at the end of the day, you don't have the space to keep them.

Have you ever dreamt of a simpler lifestyle and recognized the stress of cluttering? Are you mentally disturbed by the way your space looks? Then design a simple minimalist life.

But first, what is a minimalist lifestyle anyway?

It’s about clearing out whatever isn’t serving you in your life, be it emotional, physical, mental or spiritual.

How will it help you?

Decluttering gives you a purpose to live a ‘free’ life. In order words, a calm and stress-free lifestyle. And more importantly, taking charge of your expenses will be a priority.

Are you up for it?

If yes, then here are some ideas to begin your minimalist journey. At A.C.F, we encourage our readers to make choices that make an impact on the environment. Therefore, it is important to begin your journey in an eco-friendly way. 


1. Start Small & Don’t Rush

You want this to be a lifestyle change, not just a temporary shift. Start by simplifying your home create your own zen space. As after a stressful day at work, you need a spiritual mind to unwind and relax.

Consider if any of your items could lead a lifestyle that is better for the environment. Dispose of your items in an eco-friendly way, save your garment from going to landfills.

A. Donate to goodwill. Get rid of your unwanted/duplicate items of clothing and help those in need, now that’s a win-win situation.

B. Sell your unwanted garments on auction sites or a yard sale. Why discard when you can sell them?


2. Set Personal Goals

Take a few minutes out of your day to note down one or two personal goals you wish to carry out that week, you could simply start with ‘clear nightstand’. You can expand your range gradually. Having a note of it will help you stay on track. 


3. Don’t Lose Hope!

You may find your space to look the same after your efforts of decluttering. Changing your lifestyle can bring you mere difficulties. Being 'messy' is part of life. We’re humans. By knowing what is within your space will keep you at ease and will make a huge difference to your setbacks. Trust us. 

The beauty of a minimalist life is everything is under your control, you can take weeks, months, or even years. All you need is a small step of courage, and you can live a more meaningful life, with less.


Let us know how you’ve started your journey, we at A.C.F are always interested to hear your stories. 

Happy Decluttering! 

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