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Fashion Revolution Week: We Say Thank You.


As an ethically responsible brand, it’s crucial for us to understand and be involved with every step of how our garments are sourced and produced so that neither you nor us ever has to ask the question: #WhoMadeMyClothes ?

We have a very personal and transparent relationship with our factories. Only a 45 minute journey away, we visit the factory just outside of Shenzhen, China several times per month. We do this to not only ensure ethical standards are met, but also to connect with the people who work tirelessly to help build A.C.F garments.

As part of Fashion Revolution Week 2019, we at A.C.F wanted to put a spin on the now infamous #WhoMadeMyClothes movement. We reached out to friends, family, and some of our favourite A.C.F customers and asked them to film themselves saying a simple thank you to the lovely garments workers who made their clothes.

Before one of our recent routine visits to our factory we put together a video of all the responses we received and shared it with all of the workers in the factory. We filmed their reactions and included them in the video. Watch our statement of gratitude below:

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