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Stereotyping Gender In Fashion: The Future Has No Gender!


'Women should dress in a feminine way.
Men should dress in a masculine way.'

'The colour pink is associated with women.
The colour blue is associated with men.'


Do these stereotypes sound familiar to you? Why is it that we still abide by gender norms? Could the answer be that you may be afraid of what society may think of you?

BEWARE: These ‘exaggerated’ stereotypes can make or break your true individuality.

How astonishing is it that we are still bound by societal restrictions?

The bigger picture is how society has ingrained these ideas both consciously and unconsciously. From an early age, children’s treatment and upbringing are subliminal. Clothing has been fixated on labels -“men’s clothing’ /‘women’s clothing’. The reason why many of us think it’s normal. However, fashion no longer dictates gender and brands are now promoting gender fluidity.

Ask yourself what is the true definition of fashion:

‘To wear clothing to express yourself and your identity’

Whether your male or female, gay or straight, fashion is for everyone. Therefore, stereotyping should not force someone into a box, without the lid open.

Why do people still find the idea of gender-neutral clothing so shocking?

At A.C.F we believe in equality. Gender-neutral clothing is the future of fashion. They have the right to co-exist next to clothing for men and women. This will change the world for the better, that too one look at a time.

How do we stop this?

By working together, we can make a difference! If you are reading this, support the ACF Team by posting an image of yourself in a gender-neutral outfit and tag #IamwhoIwanttobe.

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