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Welcome To Our Workshop - A Peek Into An Ethical Fashion Factory

Our talk ain't cheap here at A.C.F, when we say we're an ethical fashion label - we mean it! Here's a little insight into our journey and one of the amazing factories we work with who make the A.C.F garments you love...

Everyone makes their own choices in life, some situations don’t feel like choices but they are. A few years ago, I found myself tirelessly defending the fashion industry’s sickening amount of wastage, building factory worker death tolls and a stream of horrible stories spreading across the media. I wanted to imagine a world where the second most environmentally devastating industry became both ethically and eco positive. So, when I started A.C.F, I set off to use my years of experience and relationships I’d built to ensure that we weren’t part of the problem. I made it A.C.F’s mission to set the standard and incite change in this consumerist haze, where shoppers find themselves completely uninformed and psychologically detached from the products they purchase.


Moving to Hong Kong was strategic for the support of the ethical side of the business. A.C.F was only to work with manufacturing partners who adhere to our high level of ethical standards; fair wages, working hours, working conditions and benefits. Being based in Hong Kong, merely an hour-long bus/train/ferry ride to our factories, it is easy and convenient for us to manage the production and manufacturing process of our collections, ensuring the highest quality product, and ensure our manufacturers follow all ethical standards. Our company mantra is “it’s better to do a little of something, than a lot of nothing” 


Like all things in life, things never seem to happen when you expect them to! We’re so lucky to have met my main factory’s owner; Stella, at a pop-up event A.C.F was hosting in Hong Kong, it was such a simple conversation which started with “oh I own a couple of garment manufacturing factories with my mom” and the next week I was having a site visit just in time for the upcoming FW’17 Capsule collection. There was a great level of trust; I spent time in the factory with the workers and discussing craftsmanship and Stella’s the vision for the factory she owns with her mother (talk about a power mother-daughter duo!), so A.C.F decided to place an order with them to test it out. 


Since A.C.F is a small independent fashion label, it’s so hard to meet the large minimum order quantities (MOQ) of most factories in china, bringing costs up dramatically. Luckily for us, Stella has a smaller sample room located in Sha Tau Kok, China that supports smaller orders. Here are a few snaps from my recent trips so you can get an idea of where you're A.C.F garments are coming from and who made them! Keep up to date with the launch of the new collection by subscribing to our mailing list here!

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