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We're Increasing Our Pricing. Here's Why.

We're Increasing Our Pricing. Here's Why.

Transparency is one of A.C.F's core values, and as such, we want to be as open and honest as possible about our pricing structure.

If you've been a long-time follower of A.C.F, you'd understand that growth and change are necessary every now and then. Due to our expanding line, we have been faced with many challenges recently. One of those challenges is that because we use small runs of deadstock fabric, we can rarely re-order popular styles. Of course, this leaves no textile waste from unsold stock which was the original intent. However, it means we lose customers, sales, and the opportunity to develop cornerstone iconic pieces we repeat season after season.

We also have been facing issues of our fabric selling out between sampling and bulk production! It’s great the fabric is being used up and not thrown away, but we’re then left in a tough situation of having to swap out the fabric or change the design completely.

In attempting to solve these, we've started looking into other eco-friendly textiles like organic cotton, linen, or lyocell and other fabrics made from waste such as denim made from recycled plastic water bottles. However, this comes with a substantial cost increase. Therefore, we wanted to lay out, plain and simple, everything that factors into pricing an A.C.F garment, and the reasons our prices are increasing.


Organic fabric refers to textiles grown in controlled settings with no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemicals. Organic fabrics are substantially more expensive than standard fabrics due to these practices. We justified using these fabrics for some styles this season because of the environmental benefits, but this has nonetheless increased our textile costs by 29 percent.


This season, we have been working tirelessly on design development. We believe in fashionable gender-neutrality should not be baggy. To ensure a tailored fit and supreme finishings, we have upped the quality of our manufacturing. You will notice all seams are bound, frenched, or lined. Our prints are all made using non-toxic solution and zippers are high-end. Due to the increased quality, our production costs have increased 17 – 48 percent.


Our packaging has also done a 180. We are now only using 100% fully recycled paper for our tags, cards and manifestos. Alongside this, we have also switched to using 100% compostable mailer bags and biodegradable poly garment bags. We also gift our customers a 100% organic tote bag to help them ditch the plastic bags at home. Naturally, we think it’s all worth it, but our packaging costs have increased by 15%.


The reason a fast fashion company can produce garments so cheaply is that they produce enormous quantities, lowering the cost of each individual garment. At A.C.F, we exclusively produce small run collections to minimize waste from unsold garments and fabric off-cuts. Naturally, this also means the production cost for each garment is much more expensive – 3, 4, 5 times that of the average fashion label.


So many steps are involved in creating a commercial piece of clothing. When a brand like ours is ethical and environmentally friendly, all these steps drive up the price even more. We strive to make fashion that is compassionate in every sense of the word, and we believe this is a necessary change to achieve that. We hope you do too.

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