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Beginning with a motive- A.C.F Charity

Charity Fashion

From day dot A.C.F has always strived to be an eco friendly brand, this means we closely monitor our eco and ethical impact related to our operations and methods of production. At A.C.F we proudly define ourselves as eco-warrior's and ethical ninjas; before the production process takes place our team ensures that our factories and fabric mills have reliable, responsible codes of conduct and ethics. We thrive to not only be a fashion label but also a philanthropic brand; we strongly believe in waste management and animal welfare which is why we use dead stock, recycled fabrics & vegan materials. Not compromising on quality we responsibly source organic cotton from sustainable suppliers and vegan leather using the most cutting edge fabrication processes to ensure a premium look and texture. Alongside our environmentalist initiatives we also strive to give back to the communities that produce & distribute our garments. We utilise 100% of our fabric wastage and use it for philanthropic purposes we use our waste fabrics to develop new products that are then donated or sold with the proceeds being donated to chosen charities. So take a look at some of our initiatives - Teddies for Tots Our first charity project in collaboration with Dongguan city orphanage; A.C.F are creating cuddly stuffed teddies for orphaned children living in the provinces of China. These teddies are made and stuffed entirely with waste fabrics. Paws & Pullover Leftover textile is be used to create warm & cosy dog beds for rescue and abandoned dogs in Hong Kong in collaboration with the SPCA to ensure their orphaned fur babies are warm all winter round. Blankets For the homeless Cosy quilted blankets for the homeless in China; during heavy winters the homeless are usually found tucked between walls or cardboard boxes trying to get some warmth. A.C.F is working with various homeless charities to donate and distribute blankets to areas in need. Stay tuned for pictures and updates about the success of our charity projects.

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