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A.C.F Army | Earthero's Ching Ching & Bertha

You’re the co- founders of Earthero, a conscious blog sharing your low waste, conscious journey. What was the trigger for you to change your lifestyle and establish Earthero?
The reason behind starting our eco conscious blog was very simple - it was probably triggered by our quarter-life crises. Besides our full-time jobs, we wanted to dedicate our energy to doing something relevant, and at the same time developmental on a personal level. There are too many things happening around the world and our interest lies in environmental issues. We wanted to actively produce less waste in our daily lives and show people the little steps we can all take to alleviate the problems. ‘Earthero’ is the constant driving force for us to live more consciously and change our habits for the better!
Now people are more aware of the environmental issues and want to reduce their influence to the environment. What advice can you give them? Where should they start?
One step at a time. Reducing environmental impact is not something that happens overnight, nor is there a perfect way to approach it, especially when we’ve been living in a linear economy. We’d recommend starting by replacing disposables with reusable alternatives. Plan ahead - bring your own bottle if you know you will be out all day and take a reusable cup along when you head out for a coffee break. Also, go on the internet and social media to explore and read on eco products or life hacks in your spare time. Eventually you’ll develop new green habits and consume more mindfully.
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How easy do you find living a low waste, conscious lifestyle in Hong Kong, and do you have any Hong Kong specific tips for our readers?
Hong Kong is known for its fast pace and convenience, and this lifestyle is hard to shake off. Most people are adapted to and would give in to the easy access of single-use plastics. In terms of environmental protection, Hong Kong is definitely behind other cities like Sydney. We would suggest people not to rely on the government to implement changes first, but start with yourself anytime anywhere. It sounds very cliche but we believe that ‘rethink’ is the first step towards a low waste, conscious lifestyle. Once you think, actions will follow.
Are there any brands and movements in Hong Kong that you support (and we should know about!)? 
Our favourite local brand is Coconut Matter for organic and eco-friendly packaged body products. Live Zero and Edgar are bulk stores in Hong Kong. Organic We stocks all kinds of environmentally friendly and ethical products; you can spent hours in that shop! There are also local communities, such as ‘Waste No Mall’ and ‘Mind Your Waste’, which organise pop-up recycle stations weekly and are dedicated to promoting proper recycling in different neighbourhoods. “搞走塑”, is a facebook group that shares plastic-free tips for all. Links below:

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