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Buy a Scarf, Save a Life A.C.F Charity Initiative.

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Buy a scarf and save a life – China’s disabled children face another threat – the deadly cold winter.

Temperatures have dropped to minus 104 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 40 degrees Celsius) in northern Xinjiang and northeast China, globally it’s been the coldest February on record.

Blind and handicapped orphans face freezing temperatures in northern china some with limited access to blankets or warm clothes, many children will struggle to stave off freezing temperatures and illness.


How will A.C.F help these children?

Bethel, a children’s orphanage in Northern China provides life-saving support for blind or visually impaired children and reaches 5 regions: the Doudian campus, the Beijing City Life project, the Zhengzhou orphanage, the Jiaozuo orphanage and the Nanjing orphanage.

With your help this winter, for every scarf, blanket or shawl purchased from the A.C.F website we will make a like for like donation to Bethel orphanage.

So when stocking up on wardrobe essentials consider adding a scarf to your shopping bag, it might save a life!

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When shopping for scarves this season, we ascribe to “the bigger, the better” theory. Why? Not only is a chunky, oversized scarf cozy and completely appropriate for fall, it's also great for layering and adding texture to your look. 

Our 1.5m x 80cm blanket scarves are the perfect solution to keep the wintery chills at bay. Made from two-textured fabric, one side fluffy and soft, the other flat woven and clean for a minimal look. 

Feels like: A cuddle from a giant bunny rabbit; soft, cosy and fluffy on the front with soft stretchy ribbing on the back.

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