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A.C.F - Hong Kong's ethical fashion start-up selling clothes with a message

RE-POST from SCMP, an interview with Alexandra Foster 

Australian designer Alexandra Foster worked with several fashion companies Down Under before moving to Hong Kong last year to launch her brand, A.C.F.

It’s all about transparency – we want to be a company people can look at and know where the product is from

“It was important for me to create a caring, ethical and sustainable company. Fashion brands today need to step up and examine how they build their business. The final product is important, but how it is produced is becoming even more significant,” she says.

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A.C.F is a contemporary streetwear brand with an ethical ethos. Targeting millennials, it features unisex silhouettes with an emphasis on functionality. The styles may be minimalist but items are reversible and/or multi-purpose, and given a high-fashion twist thanks to a bright colour palette.

The sustainable part actually comes from the fabrics, which are sourced from suppliers who collect dead stock thrown out by large manufacturers and fashion companies. The collections do not feature any animal products such as fur or suede, and are vegan-friendly. Although the fabrics aren’t organic, Foster is looking to explore this option in the future.

The website features plenty of content that engages with the customer, including more information about the fabrics and philanthropic endeavours spearheaded by the brand.

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“It’s all about transparency – we want to be a company people can look at and know where the product is from, so we do video tours of factories at different stages of production. We hope that after a customer has made an order they can follow the supply chain from the design to the door,” says Foster.

She also has several charitable initiatives on the go. She recently produced a capsule collection of T-shirts to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. Leftover fabrics are given a new lease of life and transformed into dog beds for the SPCA or to create soft toys that are distributed to the families of the factory workers.

“Giving back costs us nothing, so there is no excuse,” says Foster.

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