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The Gender Neutral & Sustainable Fall Capsule Collection - A Review From Sassy Hong Kong

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At Sassy we love a fashion-forward brand that is both stylish and ethically sourced, so when we got word that A.C.F.’s new Fall Capsule Collection was being released, we stood up and took notice! A.C.F.’s innovative shopping platform lets you shop responsibly by providing eco-friendly clothing and accessories that are totally on trend. You’ll head into 2018 looking fab (and feeling good about your choices!) in the latest vegan designs. We’re especially in love with the gender neutral looks, and bold colours reminiscent of the winter season. The Fall/Winter capsule juxtaposes drawstring waistbands (perfect for when you’re indulging on a holiday meal!), creating a naturalistic paper bag effect. And the luxurious winter fabrics are made of vegan suede, tencel and wool, with highlights of recycled denim, adding depth to this easy-to-wear collection. If bright colours aren’t your thing, you’ll love the creamy whites and light-washed denims with pops of red and earthy olive – paired perfectly with nude and charcoal basics they are great for everyday wear. Its classic vegan bomber and denim jackets are reinvented into oversized urban essentials, and the multi-functional trousers and vests are innovative and fresh.  
sassy perk   What are you waiting for? Get yours today and Sassy readers will be treated to a free vegan backpack and free shipping on new collection orders by using the code ‘SASSYFREE’ when ordering online. Offer expires 27 December, 2017.  
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