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Introducing: Fall '18 Collection • CIRCULAR INTENT

capsule circular intent fall '18

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Pictured: Fia Blazer, Freddy Trouser (Electric blue) & Felix Logo Tee

A full contemporary collection crafted from luxurious Japanese loomed deadstock fabrics, tells the story of our affinity to the circular economy and sustainable lifestyle.

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Focusing on circular culture, we delve deep into the design principles of ethical manufacturing, and using recycled and vegan fabrics. Not only does our garment production eliminate textile waste, but we travelled to Australia with the collection to shoot the campaign in the iconic sustainable home of A.C.F founder, which itself is a sustainably acclaimed building crafted from reclaimed timber.

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The completely gender-neutral edit juxtaposes power dressing with laid-back and minimal ease. Through the label’s affinity to create an ambiance with the aesthetic, we muse clean lines, functional utilitarian features and thoughtful details.

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Considerate and deliberate focus on natural fibers has been practiced, using cotton, linen and cupro fabrics, ensuring easy to wear comfort. While the colour palette can be characterised by unique earthy hues such as tan, black and ecru against bright pops of electric blue and pink.

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fall '18: circular intent

Fia Blazer
Freddy Trouser (Electric blue)
Farren Shirt
Freddy Trouers (Sky blue)
Foster Sweatshirt
Felix Logo Tee
Flynn Tapered Sweatpant (Ecru)
Flynn Tapered Sweatpant (Black)

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