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Rock The Mandarin Collar this CNY

Inspired by the classic Chinese standing collared shirt worn by the Mandarins in Imperial Chinese times, the all new A.C.F Darwin Shirt is a modern twist to the traditional button-up shirt. A timeless shirt, the Mandarin Collar is designed to be worn both casually and formally. This Darwin Shirt is crafted from a premium light weight 100% oxford Cotton.

The length along the collar is straight with rounded edges at top of the centre front, the edges overlap slightly and end just above the bottom of your neck with a simple button fastening. It’s a pretty versatile option, with the ability to be worn formally or incorporated into more casual designs.

The A.C.F Darwin Shirt features contrasting mid-indigo denim chambray on the collar, placket and sleeve cuff.

Pair this piece with A.C.F's Dimity chinos as always suitable for both men and women a gender-neutral style just take your normal style for a masculine fit, or a size down for a more feminine fit.

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Rock The Mandarin Collar this CNY


• FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE Button up all the way to the top to allow the collar’s shape to become more pronounced.

• FOLLOW THE GOLDEN RULE, EXCEPT FOR CASUAL ATTIRE There is one exception to the aforementioned rule, and that is when you’re going for a more casual look.

• FOLLOW THE FINGER RULE AS WELL Make sure that the collar is properly adjusted: If you can slip two fingers snugly between the collar and your neck, then it’s perfect.


• WEAR IT UNDER A DINNER JACKET Mandarin collar shirts can work well even in the most formal of settings, but it is not a match for a proper tux.

• ADD TOO MANY ACCESSORIES The shirt should speak for itself, so go easy with your styling and limit the number of accessories you pile on top.

• KNOT A TIE As mandarin collars do not fold over, a necktie would be extremely ill-fitting. This goes even when you are wearing a mandarin collar shirt for more formal occasions.

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