FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING `for orders over USD$100
FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING `for orders over USD$100
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Custom Uniforms

We create bespoke uniforms for restaurants & bars, retail, hotels, spas and everything in between. Sustainable, traceable, ethical and durable.

Instead of hiring a team and having an agency for this and that - we are your one solution to bringing your visions to life. Saving you time and money on resources we have at our fingertips.

With over 20 years experience, on top of owning and running our own successful fashion labels, we have worked with dozens of local and international clients from start-ups, SME’s and big corporates.

We’ve heard the horror stories; you find suppliers online, next minute you’re $$$ out of pocket with a load of faulty product! We only work with screened suppliers we have trusted relationships with.




We’ve been working with our suppliers and manufacturers for years. We’ve done the hard yards to find trusted companies to work with so you don't have to.Due to these relationships, they offer us special deals, prices & MOQ’s which we then pass onto you for better business.


When you start a business, one of the most costly aspects is paying staff. By working with us, you will save on hiring: designers, pattern makers, merchandisers, garment techs, translators, quality assurance, sample makers and production managers.


We regularly visit our manufacturing partners to ensure we only work with responsible manufacturing partners. We pay a fair price for the production quality to ensure workers make enough to look after their families. Building a relationship with our manufacturers and knowing who made your clothes is integral to our business ethos.


Allbirds Footwear, Retail Team Uniforms

“We have had a really positive experience working with A.C.F on uniforms for our stores! Al was amazing at working with us with our modifications to the design and as an intermediary between us and the factory. There were many iterations, but A.C.F was awesome at staying on top of everything!” - Leah Harakawa | Project Lead, Retail Operations, Allbirds.



  1. Design Consulting
  • Research & Planning
  • Collection & product design
  • Financial budgeting & allocation planning
  1. Development
  • Technical Design
  • Technical Packs & Specification Sheets
  • Fabric & Trim Sourcing
  • Patternmaking
  • Sample Making
  • Label & Trim design & manufacturing
  1. Pre-Production
  • Ethically approved factory selection
  • Fabric & Trim Price Negotiation
  • Grading & Production Yields
  • Production timeline & Delivery Schedules
  1. Production
  • Bulk Order Manufacturing MOQ as small as just 50 units, and scalability up to 5000 units.
  • Post production QC & Fulfilment
  • Freight Management Connection Service