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Influencer Agreement



A.C.F Clothing Limited a limited liability company incorporated and having its registered office at 22B Yally industrial building, 6 Heung Yip Road, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong (“Party 1”).


(1) INFLUENCER NAME (as submitted)

The Parties agree that:

1.1 This Project Schedule forms part of the agreement.
and the terms and conditions of the agreement apply to this Project Schedule. Each Party agrees that it shall perform its obligations set out in this Project Schedule in accordance with the Agreement.

1.2 Unless otherwise defined in this Project Schedule, terms used in this Project Schedule shall have the meaning given to them in the agreement.


The Parties shall each provide the following Inputs in relation to the Project, in accordance with the following timeframes (if any):
A.C.F Clothing Limited: Gifting the Influencer A.C.F product within 1 week of this agreement acceptance date.

2.2 Influencer agrees to present at least 5 positive visuals/posts of A.C.F product on Instagram.

2.3 Influencer's A.C.F product reviews/posts must be written/spoken in influencer's follower majority and preferred language but also translated and submitted to A.C.F for approval in English.

2.4 Above specified social media review/post must be live for 6 months from the post date (unless otherwise pre-negotiated before agreement commencement date).


The Parties agree that the following information shall be confidential information:

1. A.C.F reserves the right to request removal of any A.C.F related post.

2. A.C.F retain all rights to A.C.F related content posted or submitted by the influencer.

3. A.C.F reserves to right to post any A.C.F related content posted by the influencer .

4. A.C.F reserves the right to use any A.C.F related content posted or submitted by the influencer for advertising and paid promotion.

5. A.C.F may terminate these Terms immediately in the event of a material breach by Influencer or for convenience at any time.

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