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A.C.F cares about ethics as well as the environment, so we make sure that we do our part to give back to the community.

Our charity initiatives were driven by our concern with factory waste- waste created by cut offs from the production of clothing. We wanted to use these left over textiles for good, rather than sending them to landfills where they can take years to decompose. Therefore, we have collaborated with several different charities to not only overcome the environmental factors of our production waste, but to ease the financial burden of charities and bring joy to suffering communities.

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Reuse & Recycle

At A.C.F we strive to utilise 100% of our fabric wastage and use it for philanthropic purposes, this reinforces our brand ethos by recycling and repurposing fabric which would otherwise end up in landfill. The concept of “by-product synergy” consists of utilising waste fabric from our production process and using it to make a new product such as beds for doggies and teddies for children.

In line with our vision to be a transparent brand, with the launch of every new season collection, A.C.F will release video content depicting the lifecycle of our by-product fabric from production to end user. A.C.F will work alongside external charities to create unique and imaginative products that can be donated and/or distributed to help individuals and organisations in need.

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Blanket & Teddies

A.C.F works in collaboration with the SPCA to distribute our “By-Product Synergy” doggie beds to the local dog shelters.

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We also help raise awareness of the SPCA, the importance of their work and help educate people about caring and respecting animals through charity days where the A.C.F team visits their locations, A.C.F hosts charity events for the public and help spread the word via our editorials.

A.C.F strive to give back to the local communities where our garments are made, one of these ways we give back is by creating special A.C.F teddies for the “forgotten Children” at the Dongguan City Orphanage. Dongguan City SWI is a huge complex responsible for over 500 children. Many children live in what China calls an “imitative family”.

A husband/wife team reside in a small apartment on the orphanage campus providing care for 16 children (most with special needs) around the clock. If we can help bring a smile and help raise awareness for these communities then we can all sleep a little sounder.

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Pan Can Tees

A.C.F has been personally touched by the tragedy of Pancreatic Cancer. We have decided to fight back! We will design a printed tee and donate the profits to fund research into treatments and a cure. With only a 4% survival success rate post diagnosis and without any standard diagnostic testing, Pancreatic Cancer holds the lowest survival rate of all 21 common cancers. Receiving only 1% of overall cancer research funding, our mantra is; it is better to do a little of something, than a lot of nothing.

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