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The Conscious Collective & Mod Market Vendor

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26th - 28th October

A.C.F has partnered with HK Walls to launch a Hong Kong concept store and lifestyle instillation bringing to life the newest emerging talent in fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology and wellness sectors. Called ‘Mod Market, the pop-up is located on Queens Rd Central, in arguably the best shopping location in Hong Kong! Expect local and international brands, comprehensive partnerships, interactive vendor led workshops, alongside live music, art and art installations.

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14th - 18th November

Solution to the communities outcry for easy access, conscious living choices and education in Hong Kong.The second instalment of THE CONSCIOUS COLLECTIVE’ by A.C.F is Hong Kong’s sustainable lifestyle shopping destination showcasing brands representing the best of sustainable design. Expect five days of designer workshops, talks, happy hours, launch party, live art installations and much more.

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Mod Market
+The Conscious Collective

Location: 20 Queens Rd Central
Date: 26th - 28th October (3 days) & 14th - 18th November (5 days)

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Vendor info

Payment Terms: Full payment is due within 48 hours of application approval, after this time your space will be released. Stall reservations are only confirmed once the payment has been received by A.C.F.

This event is designed for a community of like-minded brands who are willing to work together to create a successful event.

Payment Gateways: Each vendor shall manage and be responsible for their own payment gateway & must accept the following payment options: Cash, Visa & Mastercard. We suggest using your online store or paypal to accept CC.

SET-UP: 9am on the morning of Friday 26th October. Each brand is responsible for organising the operations & logistics of their own set up. Your space will be ready for you when you arrive.

TAKE DOWN: Evacuated by 10.00pm on the evening of Sunday 28th October. Each brand is responsible for organising the operations & logistics of their own take down

Cleaning: Any damage to the property by any brand will be charged the repair fees and may be subject to cover any lost deposit fees. A.C.F will provide rubbish & recycling bins at the venue, please respect the space and dispose of your waste eff iciently and effectively with the environment in mind.

Inventory: Each brand is responsible for keeping track of their own inventory and must ensure to have enough stock to keep their booth adequately full throughout the event, you can bring in fresh inventory as you wish.

Storage: There is limited storage space at the venue, each brand is allocated 3 large suitcase for stock storage that will be placed behind the scenes, no stock box’s are permitted and no storage on display is permitted in the main showroom area.

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