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A.C.F is the only sustainable, gender-neutral and vegan fashion label offering a refined minimalistic aesthetic, surpassing expectations in functionality and comfort. Perfect for the urban lifestyle.

With a vision to eliminating textile waste in the fashion industry, founder and designer Alexandra Foster sources luxurious deadstock and surplus fabrics to create her collections. A.C.F saves gallons of water, kilograms of fabric waste and carbon emissions each garment that is produced compared to industry standards. A.C.F garments are bold and unique, exploring typically masculine and feminine traits to create flawlessly genderless collections.

Full transparency is championed in A.C.F’s supply chain, only working with accredited highly ethical manufacturing partners and considers the environment and humanity in all steps along the supply chain. All garments are made with love.

Our mantra is - “It’s better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing”



We regularly visit our manufacturing partners to ensure we only work with responsible manufacturing partners. Meals are shared with the factory owners and workers, so we pay a fair price for the production quality to ensure they have enough to look after their families. Building a relationship with our manufacturers and knowing who made our clothes is integral to our brand’s ethos.

We know that you, our customer, share our passion for fair trade and responsible manufacturing. The price of many High Street labels are so low due to disregard for human rights and the planet. Full transparency allows our customer to see how we arrive at the total cost of a garment, empowering the consumer to make a fully informed choice.


All of our products are made from 100% vegan materials that are non-virgin. We do not believe in the use of fur, leather, wool, or silk to use in fashion. This ensures that we make no harmful impact on the animals that we share our planet with.

All of our garments are made using “deadstock” fabric. This means leasing a new life to fabrics destined for the landfill. We use a lot of Tencel and Viscose fabrics; these materials are recycled and use a fraction of the amount of water and energy used to make cotton.

We are embracing the move towards natural materials such as bamboo and organic cotton.A sustainable future needs every little bit of help to minimise environmental impact.


To sustain our commitment to the environment, A.C.F reduces the need for any plastic. It will take 1000 years to break down the 1 trillion plastic bags being consumed worldwide each year. Therefore, your new clothes will come delivered in a reusable calico tote bag and 100% compostable mailer.


Established in 2016, Alexandra Foster moved her life from Australia to Hong Kong seeking to establish a new kind of sustainable fashion label, one that was modern, affordable and represented a relevant social movement toward responsible consumption.

Alexandra designs all collections in Hong Kong, merely 40 minutes from our manufacturing partner where all of the garments are produced responsibly & ethically in Southern China. We visit every other week to source sustainable and dead stock fabrics, while always on the lookout for incorporating more sustainable materials and methods in our collections.

Fun Fact – Alexandra’s Great Aunt was King Farouk of Egypt’s dressmaker in the 1940’s!