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Who We Are

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A.C.F is the only sustainable, gender-neutral and vegan fashion label offering a refined minimalistic aesthetic, surpassing expectations in functionality and comfort. Perfect for the urban lifestyle.

With a vision to eliminating textile waste in the fashion industry, founder and designer Alexandra Foster sources luxurious deadstock and surplus fabrics to create her collections. A.C.F saves gallons of water, kilograms of fabric waste and carbon emissions each garment that is produced compared to industry standards. A.C.F garments are bold and unique, exploring typically masculine and feminine traits to create flawlessly genderless collections.

Full transparency is championed in A.C.F’s supply chain, only working with accredited highly ethical manufacturing partners and considers the environment and humanity in all steps along the supply chain. All garments are made with love.

“It’s better to do a little of something than a lot of nothing”

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Bold. Sustainable. Gender-neutral.

A.C.F focuses on reinventing the notion of “trend”, by expertly toeing the line between high fashion and wardrobe essentials, alongside an original colour palette. Designed to offer a complete wardrobe solution; work, dinner, cocktail and lounge with the aim to educate consumers about slow, ethical fashion in an effort to make fast fashion obsolete.

A.C.F’s design mission is to make chic streetwear for the ethically and environmentally conscious consumer. A brand that allows the consumer to dress in stylish, modern clothes, while contributing to a greener planet and promoting the use of recycled fabrics. By becoming an A.C.F customer, you contribute to our charity initiatives that help those in need.

Our designs are gender neutral, we do not constrain our customers to societal concepts and conformities, we also believe that sustainability should be the norm, not an aspiration.

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